If you’d like a simple, 5-word question that will absolutely increase engagement…this is for you.

This is the question you should ask yourself every time you sit down to write ANY type of sales copy.

It can make your competition almost irrelevant.

I said almost.

But when you feel like everything you put out there gets ignored in favor of your competition, almost irrelevant is a dream come true.

And the best part?

This will not lead you down the slick, used-car salesman path of sleazy tactics.

No, darlin’…this question will help you focus on what your customers really want from you and your product or service.


Here’s the question:


What am I REALLY selling?

Repeat after me…and fill in whatever your thing is…

And say… for example…

I’m NOT selling a weight loss product.

I am selling a healthier, sexier, energized body.

I’m NOT selling a make money online product.

I am selling a better life free from debt, financial struggle or worries and the freedom to live life how I want.

I’m NOT selling weed killer.

I am selling a thick, green, healthier lawn.

I’m NOT selling a new website.

I am selling the ability to grow your business using the web.

I’m NOT selling copywriting services.

I am selling a way to gather more leads, customers and sales for your business.

So whenever you’re marketing your product always ask yourself this question…

What am I REALLY Selling?

Can you see the difference?

Because when you get really clear…

When you’re able to focus your message and not be all over the place like most companies…

When you’re able to tell your prospects what the transformational benefits are of the thing you’re selling…

You win.

This little tip alone is sure to generate a much higher response.

Just try it and I’m sure you’ll see how powerful this tip can be.


I’m NOT [insert your product or service here.]

I am selling [insert the thing your customer wants that buying your product or service will help them get here.]

Here’s the thing…

Most of us don’t buy products and services because we want the product or service. We buy them because we want something else…something that buying that product or service will get us.

For example:

  • Did I spend $500 on plants and potting soil last month because I wanted plants and potting soil?
    No. I wanted the front porch area of my house to look pretty and inviting.
  • Did I spend $300 at the grocery store because I couldn’t wait to own milk, eggs, and bread?
    No. I wanted to nourish my body so I can stay alive and healthy.

When you can answer the question with specifics and future benefits for your prospects or customers…

The possibilities become endless.

Your product or service DOESN’T need to change.

How you talk about your product or service needs to change.

Focus on your prospect and what their life will be like after they buy.