Fix Your Messaging

So Customers Will Buy

Businesses that have a crystal clear message and build a sales funnel are the ones that grow. You need only seven messages derived from the familiar framework of storytelling to connect with more customers. Create those seven messages now and you’ll never be starting from scratch in your marketing again.

Be Crystal Clear

Increase Sales

Grow Your Business

Do you struggle with your marketing?

You find it difficult to describe what you offer.

You know your business inside out and it shows. You unknowingly use insider language and jargon that means nothing to those you want to reach.

Your last marketing effort fell flat.

You worked hard and had everything in place. You sent emails, maybe even paid for ads and…nothing.

You avoid email marketing.

You know that email is a powerful marketing method. The problem is you don’t know what to say. You’ve tried templates and blueprints, but those don’t solve the what-to-say problem.

You find it hard to generate enough new leads.

Despite your best efforts and countless hours of research, your marketing feels disjointed and confusing. No one seems to be paying attention.

What If The Problem ISN’T Your Product or Service?

What if your product or service is great? What if the problem is how you talk about your product or service? If you’re not crystal clear when telling your customers how your product or service solves their problem, they won’t buy.

You see, people don’t buy the best products and services. They buy the products and services they can understand. If your messaging is anything less than crystal clear, you’re confusing your customers. And a confused mind always says, “No.”

When you fix your messaging, you’ll be able to talk about your products and services in a way that respects both you and your customers. No talking down to them. Everything on the up-and-up, right?! No sleazy sales tactics or marketing tricks, thank you very much.

If your customers are confused about what you offer, they’ll pass you by in favor of another business whose offer they understand. When you fix your messaging, your business will grow.

Register today. Why? Because your customers won’t know how you can help them until you tell them…clearly.

"Marketing Via Story taught me how to articulate my strengths and services in an impactful and authentic way. Now I fulfill my true calling by marketing to and working with customers who perfectly match my expertise."

Laura Amoriello

“I needed to redevelop a website’s positioning, marketing, and content. Marketing Via Story was able to take a completely overwhelming, terrifying task and make it utterly enjoyable."

Jeneane Harter

“I needed to put together the messaging for a brand new line of business. I can overcomplicate things. Suzanne helps me get to the heart of the matter faster. Her expert guidance gives me the confidence to create messaging that speaks to my ideal client, in their language."

Lori Howard

What kind of businesses can this help?

Coaches and consultants

Non-profits and foundations


Restaurants, bars, and cafes

Copywriters and editors


Service businesses

Churches and ministries

Financial advisors

Crafters, artisans, and makers

Network marketers

. . . and businesses like yours.

Ready to fix your messaging and get more leads, customers and sales?

Eliminate Confusion

Explain how you can help in simple terms anyone can understand.

Create Engagement

Create clear and engaging messaging that others want to share.

Grow Your Business

Communicate clearly to win customers and repeat business.
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What is my investment?

  • How much has unclear messaging cost you already?
  • How many customers have passed you by because they can’t distinguish your message from all the noise?
  • How many of your webinars or events have been secret meetings because people don’t know why they should attend?
  • How many people don’t hire you?
  • Can ideal clients understand why they need your product or service?

Your marketing may already be costing you an enormous amount.

You have two options:

Fix Your Messaging
3-Part Group Workshop

Tuesday – Thursday
July 6-8, 2021
3 PM – 5 PM EST

(2 PM CST, 1 PM MST, 12 PM PST)


per person
(pmt options available at checkout)


  • Personalized Brand Brief document
    (containing the 7 critical messages from which all of your marketing can be created.)
  • One-Liner statement
    (so you can clearly answer, “What do you do?”)

Fix Your Messaging
3-Part 1:1 Consulting

Three 1:1 Sessions
Scheduled At Your Convenience
Over 10 Days



per person
(pmt options available at checkout)


  • Personalized Brand Brief document
    (containing the 7 critical messages from which all of your marketing can be created.)
  • One-Liner statement
    (so you can clearly answer, “What do you do?”)

With either option, you get these bonuses:


1 Month Free Membership in DiviDIY.Club
(We help you implement what you learn.)


BONUS #2  

Marketing Assets Template Pack 

  • Brand Message Template
  • About Page Template
  • Landing Page Template
  • Product Page Template
  • Email Sequence Template



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