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Examples of storytelling in marketing along with tips for how to execute the story framework in your own marketing.

What Are You REALLY Selling?

What Are You REALLY Selling?

If you'd like a simple, 5-word question that will absolutely increase engagement...this is for you. This is the question you should ask yourself every time you sit down to write ANY type of sales copy. It can make your competition almost irrelevant. I said almost. But...

Don’t Be A Hero

Don’t Be A Hero

One of the biggest differences between marketing via story and other marketing frameworks is that the customer is ALWAYS the hero of the story. Not your business. Why? Because we all - including our customers - want to be the hero of our own story. When brands play...

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"Marketing Via Story taught me how to articulate my strengths and services in an impactful and authentic way. Now I fulfill my true calling by marketing to and working with customers who perfectly match my expertise."

Laura Amoriello

“I needed to redevelop a website’s positioning, marketing, and content. Marketing Via Story was able to take a completely overwhelming, terrifying task and make it utterly enjoyable."

Jeneane Harter

“I needed to put together the messaging for a brand new line of business. I can overcomplicate things. Suzanne helps me get to the heart of the matter faster. Her expert guidance gives me the confidence to create messaging that speaks to my ideal client, in their language."

Lori Howard

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